Viagra – work miracles on your sexual competence

Looking for something that betters your stamina? Need to get your blood pressure and urge high for better performance and satisfaction on bed? Wondering how to make your sexual life better? Try Viagra as it relaxes muscles in the blood vessels walls and also increases blood-flow for better erection. This is used for treating pulmonary arterial-hypertension and improves exercise ability in both women and men.

Viagra in AU

It is important to be aware that few medications along with Viagra can cause side effects. Thus it is preferred to avoid or consult a doctor before using this with other medicines. It is not advisable to take this with nitrate drugs for heart problems or chest pain, drugs namely isosorbide dinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate, nitroglycerin and recreational drugs like “poppers” should be avoided. Never hesitate to contact doctor or seek for an emergency medication if erection is hurting/painful or if its lasts more than 4-5 hours. A very prolonged erection can cause serious damage to penis.

It is strictly advised to avoid this if you are below 18 years. Initial dosage for adults should be just 50 mg orally- 1 hour before sexual activity. Viagra is available as tablets in dosage of 25mg to 100mg, take according to the need or doctor’s prescription. Do not take this for more than once a day. It is necessary to seek a doctor’s attention if you feel chest pain, pain near your shoulder or jaw, sweating and nausea. Any vision changes or vision loss, sudden hearing loss, irregular heartbeat, swelling in hands, feet or ankles needs doctor consultancy. Few common side effects are headache, dizziness, abnormal vision, stuffy nose, muscle pain, back pain or upset stomach.

Viagra will not harm unborn baby. However, inform doctor if you are looking to get pregnant or if pregnant. Usual Geriatric Dosage for the Erectile Dysfunction is 25 mg orally at least 1- 4 hours prior to activity. The dosage is expected to start working from 30 minutes post intake of the medicine; however it will vary from person to person. It is mandatory to avoid Viagra along with similar medicines like tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra) and avanafil (Stendra).

Men over 65 years will find the medicine working on them for a long period due to their metabolic system. The older you are, the better the effect is. Do not have heavy food before medication; this will delay the whole process. Alcohol consumption will decrease blood flow to penis, better avoid it. A glass of beer should be fine, but nothing more is worth. If you have any kidney or liver problems this medicine effect can last longer.

This drug will not provide protection against any sexually-transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B. Exercise “safe sex” by using some latex condoms. Consult doctor or pharmacist for further details. As a tip, this medicine will work fast and better if taken in empty stomach. So ensure to take this medicine at the right time with enough preparation and inform your partner about the same. Go google to get Viagra online to keep your sexual secret and enjoy sexual satisfaction at the age of sixties with generic Viagra in Australia!



Kamagra jelly in Australia

Kamagra jelly is a well known generic version of the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. It can serve as a much cheaper alternative to this popular drug, especially for those who need to use it frequently, and it has been used safely all over the world for around ten years. The active drug in Kamagra, Sildenafil, was oddly enough originally developed as a potential treatment of angina pectoris. However, tests quickly showed that the medicine was not especially effective in regulating cardiac blood flow but had a different, unexpected result instead; it increased blood flow to the genitals and combated erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra jelly in Australia

Kamagra jelly in Australia

Kamagra is sold both as an oral jelly and in a more traditional pill form. The oral jelly is typically fruit flavored (Strawberry and cherry are two common flavors) and is quite easy to use. Kamagra’s results typically last between four and six hours but there are certain documented cases of erections lasting longer than that. The average time you can expect results to last for is four hours. You should consume a packet of Kamagra jelly roughly thirty to forty minutes before you plan to engage in sexual intercourse. One major benefit of Kamagra jelly versus Kamagra pills is that it is easier to alter the dosage to fit your individual needs. If you take the instructed dosage and find your erection lasts much longer than you want it to or that the medicine is not as effective as you wish it to be you can simply take slightly more or less next time you use it. Another benefit of the jelly is that it absorbs into the body faster than the pills do, making it easier to predict when the medicine will take effect.

Kamagra jelly is easy to buy online in many countries including Australia. Getting your medicine through customs will not be a problem and online stores are careful to keep packages discreet to protect your privacy. It is an economical, easy solution to a common problem facing many men all over the world. Buying online from the comfort and privacy of your own home allows men who may be embarrassed to pick up a prescription in a pharmacy get medicine that will drastically increase their quality of life. Though side effects of Kamagra jelly are rare, some allergies have been reported and it is recommended that you consult your health care professional before ingesting it if you have any health problems or general concerns. Potential side effects are headaches, heartburn, stomach problems, dizziness, and diarrhea. You should not use Kamagra jelly without consulting a doctor first if you take medications for high blood pressure. It should not be taken when under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol either. Though not unsafe, eating a meal high in fat before taking Kamagra jelly could cause it to be less effective. Overdoses of Kamagra jelly are rare but it is still important that all dosage instructions are followed carefully. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction don’t wait; order Kamagra jelly safely from an online store today.